Are You Easy to do Business With?

My question comes from my recent two encounters with sales reps from almost opposite ends of the spectrum.  One that couldn’t provide me with enough information to make a purchase, to one I finally had to block their phone number to keep from getting their calls.

So, comes my question of follow up and where is it not enough or too much.  I’ve used this graphic many times in regards to follow up, which many sales reps will admit they don’t follow up nearly enough.  But I believe with most prospects if we ask a few questions we can determine when and how often to follow up. 

For Example:

  • Ensure we have answered all their questions and provided them with all the information they need to make a buying decision.
  • Ask when are they thinking of making a decision/purchase.
  • Ask if there is anything else you can provide to help them with their buying decision.
  • Also ask when would you like for me to follow up with you again.

These questions give us an idea of when and how to follow up.

An effective way to keep in touch with clients is with email marketing and social media.  Email marketing and social media can be used to provide industry information and helpful hints to the client.  Most prospects and clients appreciate this type of marketing.  What most do not like is the daily bombardment of filling up their inbox with Buy, Buy, Buy – Now!  That type of tactics will have prospects and clients unsubscribing, un-liking, unfollowing, and disgruntled very quickly.  But good email marketing and social consists of providing helpful information about your industry with a sprinkling of special offers and sales, but the sales and offers should not be the main focus.  For most businesses, sending a monthly newsletter is an effective way to remind your clients and prospects that you are there to service them when they are ready.

Here is my list of how to make yourself Easy to do business with:

  1. Answer questions and be honest with the prospect
  2. Provide the information they need to make a buying decision
  3. Ask questions to determine parameters for them making a buying decision
  4. Respect their time to do their due diligent
  5. Keep in touch with periodic newsletters, social media, etc. with helpful information
  6. Follow up depending on #3 and #4
  7. Don’t hit and run – A No may mean, no for now or I’m not ready to buy yet. Refer back to #5
  8. Don’t be a pest with phone calls and emails especially if the prospect tells you they aren’t going to make a buying decision for 6 months to a year.
  9. Make sure they have all your contact information. It’s part of every email signature, newsletter, etc.  Giving or sending a promotional product with your contact info is also a clever way to ensure they have your contact info nearby.
  10. And lastly – be truthful, reliable, and consistent in all your interactions with your clients and prospects.
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