Reasons Why Hiring a VA may be the key to unlocking the door to Success:

  • Cost Effective – You only pay for the hours worked or completed project/tasks.  As a keys-to-success-medium-8627901200-300x300business owner you do not have to pay for taxes, insurance, or training.  A VA provides their own equipment, supplies, and office space.
  • Frees up Time – Hiring a VA will free up time to focus on growing your business, to tend to personal matters or emergencies, take a vacation, or long weekend.
  • Experience – VAs are highly experienced in many areas in business. Many have their own area of expertise/niche.  This is an important asset to any business because they can fill in different gaps as needed within a business perhaps when a certain skill set is required. Or perhaps there are just some tasks/projects that there is not time to do or you do not wish to do.
  • Professional – VAs are independent business owners also, so they will represent themselves as well as a business in a professional manner.  They operate at a higher level of pride and deliver higher quality work because this is their own business.  They have an Entrepreneurial mindset and are very well versed in business laws and ethics.
  • Flexibility – VAs can offer short-term or long-term solution. They can also provide temporary or emergency back-up services for certain projects and/or tasks.
  • Productive – VAs are known to be highly productive and efficient.  They understand that time is money, therefore they are more focused and more productive.
  • Experienced and Trained – VAs continue to gain new skills and train in areas that will bring more value to their clients.
  • Value Added – VAs are associated and/or affiliated with many professionals from many different industries.  A well-connected VA can be a bridge to other businesses or professionals that may be vital to your business.  They may also help you find other quality clients and services.
  • Committed – VAs understand that Your success is their success.  Their results are a direct reflection of their performance.  They will perform beyond expectations to achieve success and ensure your satisfaction.  They will see projects and tasks from conception to completion.

Hiring Painted Lady Enterprises may be the key to unlocking the door to your success.  Success Call today and let’s discuss your business challenges and see what services we can provide to give you get back the time you need to focus on the things you do best and/or would prefer to do.

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