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Virtual Assistant Services specializing in relationship marketing. We help businesses build relationships with prospects & clients for a source of endless referrals. We provide Virtual Assistance Services & Business Resources which include Social Media creation, integration, posting, maintenance, Email Marketing, Domain registration & Website services, Greeting Cards & Gifts, + more - 'Helping My Clients and Their Business Look Good.'

Getting to Know Your Customers

Did you know that  January 16th is ‘Getting to Know Your Customers Day.’  Did you know that Getting to Know Your Customers Day happens once per quarter?  Why do you think this Continue ReadingGetting to Know Your Customers

DIY Marketing

June is ‘Do It Yourself Marketing’ Month.  So what is your marketing strategy?  Do you do it yourself or do you have someone else doing it for you?  Or a Continue ReadingDIY Marketing

Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing

This month is International Customer Loyalty Month.  It is said that it takes 5 to 25 times more time and money (depending on which reports you read) to gain a Continue ReadingCustomer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing

Social Media Platforms – Which Ones to Use

Why post on Social Media?  To create visibility and awareness about you, your products, and/or services. Which platforms should I use?  It depends on your target market and demographics.  In Continue ReadingSocial Media Platforms – Which Ones to Use

Starting a New Business

Tips, Tools, Recommendations, and Things to Consider. So, you think you want to start a business.  Be your own boss. You have a great idea for a product or service.  Continue ReadingStarting a New Business