Me_Sm_AvantPhoto_MultiColor2-cropThe majority of my career has been in sales, marketing, and customer service. I began my career in direct sales more years ago than I’m willing to admit.  I went on to work for almost 20 years in the corporate world with Digital Equipment Corporation, which merged with Compaq and is now HP. With DEC, I expanded my skill set and earned the title of “Master Facilitator” in the “Investment in Excellence” program, which communicates the importance of personal growth through goal setting.

Also while at DEC, I took advantage of the many training opportunities offered. One course I took was on which positions I should pursue based on my skill set. To my surprise, I was more suited to manage projects and/or be in a support position versus a people manager, which is where I usually landed. My last few years in the corporate world, I spent as a project manager and those were the happiest of all.

Now after all these years of trying to be a round peg in a square hole, I have changed my focus to that of a Virtual Assistant specializing in ‘Relationship Marketing.’ I draw from my knowledge and expertise from all my years in sales, marketing, and customer service to help businesses build relationships with their clients and prospects for a source of endless referrals. Some of the services offered by PLE include – Email Marketing, Website Services, Social Media integration and management, Gifts, Greeting Cards, and other business resources.  Please see the ‘Services‘ page for a more comprehensive list.  For a better understanding of ‘Relationship Marketing,’ read more here.

I served as President in 2001 for WIN (Women In Networking). I completed the Leadership Forsyth program in 2001. I was a co-leader with Xperience Connections for 6 years. I was a contributing author for the book “Effective Connections.”

I am currently a member of the Cumming Chapter, Business Accelerating Group (AKA BAG) of BNI, Business Network International, and also a Director Consultant with BNI supporting 4 Chapters.

I am a native of Georgia and currently live in North Georgia with my husband and our 2 cats named Lucky, and Sheba, and our two Tiny Toy Poodles Pappi and Andre.

I enjoy gardening, travel, boating, running, hanging out with family and friends, and I’m an avid NASCAR fan.

The name of my business comes from my love of butterflies.  There is a species of butterflies called Painted Lady. Like the caterpillar evolves and changes, so has my life and my business.

“Helping My Clients and Their Business Look Good”

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